lot's o' important stuff

Great rehearsal on Tuesday. Everyone found it okay, we were able to start on time and get a lot done. I was really impressed with how many came with their Superstar parts edited and ready to go. That saved a lot of time on this. Thank you!


For the last 3 rehearsals, the jazz band will be rehearsing from 6-7 in the band room for lack of other space. Feel free to set up and be seated around the jazzers so we can make a quick change.


Thank you so much for your quick work tearing down. Just a bit over 5 minutes and we were done. We will have to do that each night. I would ask those of you who helped put the room back in order last Tuesday to keep doing your same job after every rehearsal, or be sure someone does it for you.


The JP set up is:

Row 1 =  12 + 8 (chaires + stands)

Row 2 = 8 + 6

Row 3 = 11 + 5

Row 4 2 + 2


Practice room 1 (nearest door) = 5 + 4

Practice 2 = 4 + 3

Practice 3 = 3 + 2

Practice 4 = 2 + 2


Stack and rack our chairs


Help percussion


Put the horn cases from the floor back to the top side riser


Everyone out asap.


As of now the order of the concert will be:

Planet Krypton (great job on this Chris! Thanks for doing it)

That’s Entertainment

Bella’s Lullaby

Hollywood Milestones

3 tunes from jazz band


Impossible Dream



We will rehearse in this order – except starting with JCS and going back to the beginning.


Remember to tell your section leader if you can make the Sunday May 20 concert in Rosemount at 4p.






Meas 1-12

-m. 2 fermata during bass clarinet/flute cadenza

-m. 12 accent last note of measure, play short, grand pause



Meas 1-71

Add accel into measure 37

Measure 65-71 will not be conducted



Meas 8-34

-m. 8 count 1 is silent, come in on 2.

-m. 8 if you have 2 8th notes on count 4, change to 4 16th

-m. 34 will just be a low woodwind solo, upper ww are out



Meas 15-downbeat of 144

-m. 15-18 horns, bones & euphs are out

-m. 32 trumpets add 3 8th note pickups on E into 33

-m 33 more aggressive, a bit faster

-m. 33 percussion add humorous traps



Meas. 80 to the end

-Repeat meas 88-89 – 1st time=only melody, percussion and bass line, 2nd add saxes (trumpets out)

-m. 96 if your part starts with an 8th note and 8th rest, play 2nd time only


JC Superstar edits

The signature piece of the Pops Concert is Jesus Christ Superstar. With 3 arrangements of it in your folders you probably guessed that – and you probably guessed there will be some edits. None of the arrangements does everything I’m looking for – but together I think we are going to have a very special rendition.

Instead of a rehearsal this week, please take time to edit your parts so we can be ready to rehearse it on April 10.

The 3 arrangements are:




Meas 1-13

-Put a fermata on meas 2, we will add a short cadenza there for piccolo and bass clarinet. I will have that on the 10th.

-In meas 13 play the 8th note on the ‘and’ of 2 short and accented with no sustain.


Cut to LEWIS

Meas 1 thru meas 71

add accel into 37


Cut to O’BRIEN

Meas 8 (count 2) thru 34.

If you have 2 8th notes on count 4 of meas 8, change it to 4 16th notes.



Meas 15 thru downbeat of 144.

Eliminate any long tones from 15 thru 18. We will insert a piccolo solo I will bring on 10th.

Meas 144, play downbeat only, transition to:



Meas 80 to end


I appreciate your time getting this edit ready – it will save time next Tuesday.


Spring Anew


1) Thank you for taking time to read this. Lot's of info for you.

2) Thank you for coming to rehearsal on short notice. You sounded great on the 2 tunes we read. I was really impressed. It's good we took that time as we found out later that night that now we CANNOT rehearse on Tuesday April 3. Bummer. So we are back to the 3 rehearsals and a dress before the pops concert on May 8! 

3) Thank you for your help moving out of Jefferson and into Justice Page Middle (JP). 

So the next time we gather will be Tuesday April 10 at Justice Page at 7. Please come early to find the school, the band room and where you sit, etc... Shall be interesting. I think it will work out well and will fun to be in a band room. 

You will have to bring your own folding stand though. They have limited stands that will go to percussion and those who may have forgotten. 

The seating will be a bit cozy in some rows. We all may have to give a little here and there. There are 4 rows. The set up will be as follows from the director's viewpoint, from our left to right:

row 4 = tubas, euphs, trombone 3-2-1, string bass (16 chairs)

row 3 = trumpets, horns (16 chairs)

row 2 = clar 2-3, bass clar, bassoons, bari, tenor, altos (20 chairs) NOTE TO ALTOS - you will most likely 'spill' off the riser to floor level. (20 chairs) 

row 1 = clar 1, oboe, picc, flute 2-1 (13 chairs)

Percussion will be off to the left side as at Jefferson. There are 2 large pillars in the band room so there will be some 'obstructed view' seats!

I'm glad we got the music out on Tuesday as we need to do some practice in preparation for our next rehearsal realizing time is limited! As of now the program will be:

Planet Kryton (brass fanfare)

(possibly a short 'flag waver here')

Arthurs Theme

Bella's Lullaby

Hollywood Milestones

3 charts by our jazz band!

Fiddler on the Roof

Impossible Dream (I will bring vocal parts to the next rehearsal - please consider singing)

Superstar - a combination of the 3 arrangements mostly coming from the Mancin (and a pretty good dose of the Lewis arrangement)

We will not have time to prepare Right Stuff or Curtain Call. Should be a fun concert.

Let me know if you have questions. 

Have a great Easter and see you at JP on the 10th!






Congratulations to all for a stellar performance last Tuesday! I was so impressed with the level of your music making. Sure, there will always be those moments we'd like to do over, but with the amount of difficult time and the amount of rehearsals, the concert was stunning. There were so many moments you sounded absolutely 'symphonic'! So many good comments after. I hope you enjoyed!

Now for the post concert kudos where I always forget at least one person - here we go:

-Kelly Jones for your time and energy arranging Venus

-Horns for your feature on Pluto, and Leah for the beautiful solo in Venus

-Mitch - great job conducting and play, the first 2 pieces were terrific

-Everyone who dressed up. You not only showed respect to your band mates, but also to our appreciative audience who came to hear/see you perform. You looked great - very classy.

-Megan for the program and poster

-Everyone that had audience members attend

-Ann our piano player. Great job!

-set up and tear down crews

-Mimi for holding down the string bass part. It adds so much

-Elisabeth for your enthusiasm and awesome poem

-The band members that have their names on the donor list for giving above and beyond

-everyone else that I have forgotten (sorry)

Okay, now kudos to other sections that had great nights:

-bassoons, I had comments saying how great it was to have 3 bassoons, and 3 great players at that!

-percussion, has improved greatly in the past year. You had such a good concert and added so much. I also appreciate the extra time you give to set up and tear down. 


Now we have the opportunity to bring our music making to a new site. I like a new challenge and am looking forward to the change. We don't know what next year or the year after holds, but let's make the most out of our new digs. Sounds like we will just be doing egress and ingress next week and taking the next week off for spring break (spring? really? soon please!) So what we thought would be the normal 5 rehearsals and a dress for pops, we are left with 3 rehearsals and a dress. Then 1 rehearsal for Rosemount and 2-3 for the summer. Yikes! You know what I'm going to say here - please make every effort to be at each rehearsal, and on time so we can make the best use of our limited time. 

I've chosen a program centered around music for the stage and screen, "Music for a Darkened Theater." The music for the concert is as follows. Please take time to listen to quality recordings and practice as per usual. It should be a ton of fun!

Planet Krypton (brass fanfare)

Hollywood Milestones

Bella's Lullaby

The Right Stuff

Fiddler on the Roof

Arthur's Theme

The Impossible Dream (I would like to make a small chorus of band members to sing on this)

Jesus Christ Superstar

Curtain Call

Obviously we will cut things as needed. Many of these will also be used in the summer. For Rosemount I am thinking of doing one from the pops, Saturn and Jupiter. For now we are keeping everything in the folder.

Have a great week. See you Tuesday, one more time at Jefferson.


The rest is up to you


I am so looking forward to hearing you perform this coming Tuesday! The band has made great strides the past few weeks. I feel we have covered everything, the rest of the prep is on us all as individuals. Some ideas that work for me as we all prep - and some reminders:

-One more listen thru of quality recordings

-Practice, not so you just get it right, but until there is no way it could go wrong

-Check that your horn et al are ready. Polish the brass

-Invite and re-invite everyone, get the posters out there

-Get some rest and eat right to be be ready and enjoy the performance to the max

-Wear your best concert black

-Call is 6:30, that's when the warm up starts. Please come early to set up, tune up, warm up

-Please put your cases in the back hallway

-Let your section leader know if you are coming late so we have a chair for you

-We will only be touching on music as needed for our piano player during the warm up (beginning of Mars, end of Venus, end of Uranus)

Concert starts right at 7:00:

EARTH (Mitch talks)

SATURN (I talk)

PLUTO (board member talks)

then there will be a very short intermission, just a few minutes to re-set, stand and stretch, and tune again.

Then it is the Holst straight thru without interruption. Please have the 4 mvts out and ready on your stand:





Then we all stand, we all meet and greet, we all tear down for the last time at Jefferson, and we all go to the Afterglow.

Let me know if you have any questions. Have a great week and a great concert.




Good headway was made on Tuesday, we are light years ahead of where we were just weeks ago. We endured some spotty attendance but kudos to these sections for being at 100%






Please make every effort to be at our dress rehearsal this Tuesday and out of respect for your band mates, please come early enough to be ready for a 7:00 downbeat.

There is much left to be done, but the good news is that everything can be fixed at home be each of us through practice and listening. 

Here is the order for the Dress:








We will then take a break and spend the last part of the rehearsal working on problem spots and taking requests for things you'd like to go over one more time.

Lastly - be sure you are getting the invites out. No one will come if they don't know about it and you deserve a large crowd for this one.



That's more like it!


Like many of you, I felt the cicb performed much better this last Tuesday. Great strides on Jupiter and Mars. Another fun rehearsal. Let's all take time this week to prepare for rehearsal this coming Tuesday. Keep working those parts that still need some tlc.

I'd especially ask you to work on Venus. The parts are right. We need to work on balance and intonation. We also need to take time to consider the accidentals, esp the double flats and sharps. Listen to a good recording then play thru your part. I will do the same. This piece takes great musicianship. 

Altos and clarinets, work the first 5 measure of Jupiter. Get us off to a great start on this masterpiece. 

Two rehearsals/performances till show time - lets' set Tuesday up like this:





Mars 159-end




Tighten your Kuiper Belt


Terrific work last Tuesday everyone. I appreciate you help setting up/tearing down for sectionals. From what I've heard they were very beneficial. Thank you section leaders! Feel free to gather before rehearsal anytime you'd like to delve into another sectional.

I've been enjoying studying the music for this coming rehearsal after our play through. I'm reflecting on where we're at and listening to 'Lenny' and the NY Phil. What terrific music. I can't get over that we have an opportunity to  play this masterpiece. 

There is much to do in our 3 remaining rehearsals, hopefully we can get it all done. I need to encourage you as a member of the team to prepare for rehearsal (practice and listening), be at rehearsal and be on time (please come before 7 - earlier to properly prepare). Have a pencil so we can make quick work with notes. And of course enjoy every minute of making music with this fine group. As Warren Benson said, "there are no rehearsals, only performances." Come on time Tuesday ready to perform, ready to make music - so we don't need to practice individual parts. If we all do this we are gong to have a stunning performance. And if you ask at least 10 people to come, we will be able to share our good work with a full house!

Have your music set up:




The Magician


Mitch's Worlds

Practice v Rehearsal


Hope you are having a good week and that your individual practice is going well. This Tuesday we will see how it is paying off. The first half of rehearsal this week will be devoted to sectional time. Section leaders will be taking you thru our concert music starting right at 7:00. Look for an email letting you know to which room you should report. We are all busy people, but please make every effort to be on time. Consider coming early to help your section leader set up that room. You will need to take stands from the stage (or bring folding) but most rooms should have chairs. The 2nd half of the rehearsal will begin at 8:05 on stage with the full band doing a play thru of the entire concert. This will give you, Mitch and I a good idea of what remains to work on during these last few weeks. Any extra time at the end of rehearsal will be spent on Venus. Kelly has done such a wonderful job arranging this beautiful piece for us. 

Keep spreading the word about the Planets concert. Word of mouth goes a long way and you know people are going to enjoy it. Let's pack the place. Rehearsing this program has been a delight.


Earth, the Third Planet

Saturn, the Ringed Planet

Pluto, A Fanfare for New Horizons

Mars, the Bringer of War

Venus, the Bringer of Peace

Uranus, the Magician

Jupiter, the Bringer of Jollity

t minus 5 and counting


It's been such fun making music with you on the Planets. And the buzz is starting to grow. Thanks to Megan for all the pr material. Be sure to get your fb posts and save the date reminders out.

We all need to really dig in to the technically difficult passages of the music. Mars and Jupiter come to mind. And remember Venus is still to come.

Thank you all for your work clearing the stage and clearing out of Jefferson by 9:15. Post rehearsal is such a great time to visit with your section et al. Consider coming to the after practice gathering instead.

This week we cannot start rehearsal until 7:30 due to school conferences. We will aim for a 7:30 downbeat and will most likely not take a break. Let's set it up like this:

Mars - spots

Jupiter - mostly the first part

Venus if available

Pluto (New Horizons) - just the end

The Magician

Saturn and 3rd planet as time allows.

Remaining rehearsals for this concert cycle:

2/13 7:30 start

2/20 sectionals 1st hour, rehearsal 2nd



3/13 dress rehearsal


RIP Arby's

I'm sure many of you are still reeling from the unexpected closing of the iconic Uptown Arby's, but the show must go on:

I was inspired by your music making last Tuesday and felt we accomplished a great deal. There is still much to work on, namely Mars. Keep listening to those recordings. Including tomorrow, only 5 rehearsals left plus the dress. Let's set it up this way for tomorrow:


Pluto (New Horizons)




Earth (3rd Planet)


We have liftoff


Good start on the work of putting the next concert together. We will continue the effort on Tuesday. As always, make every effort to attend and be on time ready to begin at 7. Coming earlier to help set up chairs, stands and percussion, warm up and tune is always appreciated

-Practice as time allows. Woodwinds with the 16th notes on Jupiter and Mars, work them slowly and build from there. Try in different groupings with different articulations. Also, look for ways to adapt the tricky parts to your ability level. Nothing wrong with leaving some notes out or changing 4 16ths to 2 8th. Feathering with your stand partner is another good option. 

-Kudos to the horns for your work on New Horizons.

-Section leaders be sure all parts are being covered and balanced appropriately. 

-Eventually Mars will be at mm=160 - we will practice slower this week. 

-Kelly and I are still working on Venus - I'm very excited about this project. 

-Keep listening to the recordings.

-Feel free to contact me anytime with questions/comments at teddggullickson@gmail.com

-Skol Vikings!


missing link


I was really encouraged by your sight reading session last Tuesday. It was obvious many of you had been practicing and listening to the Planets music. We can do this - and do it well. Here is another link for A Fanfare for New Horizons by James McChristian featuring our horn section. Please take a listen if you can by tomorrow night's rehearsal:


Let's set up this week's rehearsal like this - it should be fun!


3rd Planet



New Horizons

The Magician


Kelly is working on our very own version of Venus, so we will put that on hold. (Thanks Kelly!)

See you soon,



Kudos et al


Happy New Year! I hope this finds you all healthy and enjoying the holidays.

What a terrific performance you had Dec 17. I was very impressed with your musicality and richness of tone. The concert was a gift to each other and to our audience. I appreciate your professionalism as well as your holiday flair! I'm looking forward to our second semester. More on that below, but first some kudos on the Holidays Concert:

-Our featured soloist Colleen for your masterful performance of the Heiden. Bravo! 

-For our extended soloists Sarah sax, Jason flugelhorn and Marissa horn.

-All of our incidental soloists including the entire percussion section on Kwanzaa. Who new tambourine and sleigh bells solos would be so enjoyable.

-Meghan for the beautiful program and poster

-To all who brought refreshments. What a great idea. The mixing after the concert was energized.

-Set up and tear down volunteers

-To our subs Rich and Matt percussion and Mimi bass

-Mitch for your conducting but also providing music and percussion for us.

-To our providers of the thunder sheets for Mayflower

-The ensembles that provided Christmas tunes before and during the concert.

-To everyone for your work, performance and for ensuring a large audience.


Our next rehearsal is Jan 9. This is the concert that we typically have more rehearsal time and perform a challenging program. I'm excited to begin working on The Planets with you. All the music has been passed out. If you didn't get something, let me or your section leader know on the 9th. I will list listening links on another post for easier access. Please take time to listen and work on your parts before we dig in on the 9th. 

We will set up the rehearsal this way:

Fanfare for the Third Planet


New Horizons

early break and announcements





Concert time


When we started dress rehearsal with Mayflower I was really impressed with the sound of the band. By the time we got to Sleigh Bells I was thinking that the dress rehearsal was almost TOO good for a dress! When we finished Russian Christmas I told myself "Bad dress rehearsal means a good performance, bad dress=performance." Many of you told me you were thinking the same thing! Reflecting on it, I am convinced you are going to have a fantastic performance this Tuesday night. The warm up this Tuesday will devoted to touching up Russian and we will be good to go. Invite your friends to share in our holiday tradition.

After the concert I am asking all of you to PASS IN ALL YOUR MUSIC except the Planets music that was passed out last week. Give your old music to your section leader, section leaders get the music to me. Realize many of these tunes will be coming back to you for use at the Rosemount Concert and for the summer.

Feel free to wear some Holiday swag with your concert black and remember to save the good parking spots for our audience. In the meantime, be sure your horn is ready to go and keep listening to those recordings as your prepare.

Timeline for Tuesday

6:00 Set up

6:15 call - set up, warm up, tune, get your conga from the basement!

6:30 Russian Christmas touch up

6:45 Tune

6:50 Pre Concert Ensembles

7:00 Concert

8:00 Pass in music, Tear down, refreshments provided for band and audience.

Say yes to the Dress


Thanks for your attendance and great work during last Tuesday's storm! The weather outside was frightful, but your music making so delightful. Time to share that with our fans as we head into the Dress Rehearsal this Tuesday. After a short warm up, we will play thru the program in order without stops. After the break we will go back to polish up any problems spots and take requests. As most of your know by now our March concert will be based on music inspired by the planets. The March concert will again be our heavy concert of the year and my goal has been to get the music in your hands before the Christmas break. Since we don't want to deal with passing out music at the concert, I will be passing out most of the planets music to your section leaders this Tuesday. We will not get some of it until Tuesday, so we may not have enough copies for everyone, but should have something for everyone.

Here's the plan for Tuesday:

6:30 set up, ensembles practice in pit if time

6:45 Arrive, Grab a conga, get your planets music, warm up and tune on your own.

7:00 Warm up

7:10 Concert Order:


8th Candle



Sleigh Ride

3 (5) Carols


Auld Ange Syne

break & Announcements

rehearse as time allows

9:00 fine' tear down

9:15 We all need to be out of Jefferson by 9:15


Officially Awesome


I know I've said this before, but you are officially awesome. What great attendance on Tuesday, great music made and so many helping set up and tear down. So fun. Thank you all.

If you are considering putting an Christmas ensemble together for the concert, please let Mitch know by this Tuesday so we can work it into the 3 Carols piece.

This Tuesday - last regular rehearsal, next Tuesday - dress. Dec 19 - concert, and an amazing one at that. The recipe remains the same: listen to the recordings on the links in the "as promised" note, practice as time allows, advertise for the concert. And be thinking about what you're going to bring for our traditional Holiday Flair!

Let's do Tuesday this way:

Auld Ange - if you are singing, memorize the lyric, stand up, face the audience, and sing to one person in the audience.

RCM - After a good full run last week, we will just do parts this week



Kwanzaa - We are close to a finished product. If you are interested in playing a conga, please grab one out of the music room downstairs before rehearsal or during intermission.

8th Candle

3 (or more) Carols

Sleigh Ride if time

We got ourselves a concert

I have really been enjoying making music with you the past weeks. I left rehearsal last week thinking, "Looks like we got ourselves a concert!" Which is amazing considering what little rehearsal time we've had for this one. We have 2 'regular' rehearsals left, then the 'dress' rehearsal on the 12th and the concert on Dec 19. Get the word out! Here's the line up for tomorrow:








3 Carols

Sleigh Ride if time