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I was really encouraged by your sight reading session last Tuesday. It was obvious many of you had been practicing and listening to the Planets music. We can do this - and do it well. Here is another link for A Fanfare for New Horizons by James McChristian featuring our horn section. Please take a listen if you can by tomorrow night's rehearsal:


Let's set up this week's rehearsal like this - it should be fun!


3rd Planet



New Horizons

The Magician


Kelly is working on our very own version of Venus, so we will put that on hold. (Thanks Kelly!)

See you soon,



Kudos et al


Happy New Year! I hope this finds you all healthy and enjoying the holidays.

What a terrific performance you had Dec 17. I was very impressed with your musicality and richness of tone. The concert was a gift to each other and to our audience. I appreciate your professionalism as well as your holiday flair! I'm looking forward to our second semester. More on that below, but first some kudos on the Holidays Concert:

-Our featured soloist Colleen for your masterful performance of the Heiden. Bravo! 

-For our extended soloists Sarah sax, Jason flugelhorn and Marissa horn.

-All of our incidental soloists including the entire percussion section on Kwanzaa. Who new tambourine and sleigh bells solos would be so enjoyable.

-Meghan for the beautiful program and poster

-To all who brought refreshments. What a great idea. The mixing after the concert was energized.

-Set up and tear down volunteers

-To our subs Rich and Matt percussion and Mimi bass

-Mitch for your conducting but also providing music and percussion for us.

-To our providers of the thunder sheets for Mayflower

-The ensembles that provided Christmas tunes before and during the concert.

-To everyone for your work, performance and for ensuring a large audience.


Our next rehearsal is Jan 9. This is the concert that we typically have more rehearsal time and perform a challenging program. I'm excited to begin working on The Planets with you. All the music has been passed out. If you didn't get something, let me or your section leader know on the 9th. I will list listening links on another post for easier access. Please take time to listen and work on your parts before we dig in on the 9th. 

We will set up the rehearsal this way:

Fanfare for the Third Planet


New Horizons

early break and announcements





Concert time


When we started dress rehearsal with Mayflower I was really impressed with the sound of the band. By the time we got to Sleigh Bells I was thinking that the dress rehearsal was almost TOO good for a dress! When we finished Russian Christmas I told myself "Bad dress rehearsal means a good performance, bad dress=performance." Many of you told me you were thinking the same thing! Reflecting on it, I am convinced you are going to have a fantastic performance this Tuesday night. The warm up this Tuesday will devoted to touching up Russian and we will be good to go. Invite your friends to share in our holiday tradition.

After the concert I am asking all of you to PASS IN ALL YOUR MUSIC except the Planets music that was passed out last week. Give your old music to your section leader, section leaders get the music to me. Realize many of these tunes will be coming back to you for use at the Rosemount Concert and for the summer.

Feel free to wear some Holiday swag with your concert black and remember to save the good parking spots for our audience. In the meantime, be sure your horn is ready to go and keep listening to those recordings as your prepare.

Timeline for Tuesday

6:00 Set up

6:15 call - set up, warm up, tune, get your conga from the basement!

6:30 Russian Christmas touch up

6:45 Tune

6:50 Pre Concert Ensembles

7:00 Concert

8:00 Pass in music, Tear down, refreshments provided for band and audience.

Say yes to the Dress


Thanks for your attendance and great work during last Tuesday's storm! The weather outside was frightful, but your music making so delightful. Time to share that with our fans as we head into the Dress Rehearsal this Tuesday. After a short warm up, we will play thru the program in order without stops. After the break we will go back to polish up any problems spots and take requests. As most of your know by now our March concert will be based on music inspired by the planets. The March concert will again be our heavy concert of the year and my goal has been to get the music in your hands before the Christmas break. Since we don't want to deal with passing out music at the concert, I will be passing out most of the planets music to your section leaders this Tuesday. We will not get some of it until Tuesday, so we may not have enough copies for everyone, but should have something for everyone.

Here's the plan for Tuesday:

6:30 set up, ensembles practice in pit if time

6:45 Arrive, Grab a conga, get your planets music, warm up and tune on your own.

7:00 Warm up

7:10 Concert Order:


8th Candle



Sleigh Ride

3 (5) Carols


Auld Ange Syne

break & Announcements

rehearse as time allows

9:00 fine' tear down

9:15 We all need to be out of Jefferson by 9:15


Officially Awesome


I know I've said this before, but you are officially awesome. What great attendance on Tuesday, great music made and so many helping set up and tear down. So fun. Thank you all.

If you are considering putting an Christmas ensemble together for the concert, please let Mitch know by this Tuesday so we can work it into the 3 Carols piece.

This Tuesday - last regular rehearsal, next Tuesday - dress. Dec 19 - concert, and an amazing one at that. The recipe remains the same: listen to the recordings on the links in the "as promised" note, practice as time allows, advertise for the concert. And be thinking about what you're going to bring for our traditional Holiday Flair!

Let's do Tuesday this way:

Auld Ange - if you are singing, memorize the lyric, stand up, face the audience, and sing to one person in the audience.

RCM - After a good full run last week, we will just do parts this week



Kwanzaa - We are close to a finished product. If you are interested in playing a conga, please grab one out of the music room downstairs before rehearsal or during intermission.

8th Candle

3 (or more) Carols

Sleigh Ride if time

We got ourselves a concert

I have really been enjoying making music with you the past weeks. I left rehearsal last week thinking, "Looks like we got ourselves a concert!" Which is amazing considering what little rehearsal time we've had for this one. We have 2 'regular' rehearsals left, then the 'dress' rehearsal on the 12th and the concert on Dec 19. Get the word out! Here's the line up for tomorrow:








3 Carols

Sleigh Ride if time

Digging in

Great rehearsal last Tuesday everyone. Fun to have a fully lit stage. We certainly made the most of it. Good progress made. 

If anyone has some sheet metal lying around - we could use a sheet for Mayflower Ov. Let me know.

Start the invites going for what promises to be a terrific Holiday Concert Dec 19.

We'll see you all Tuesday night starting right at 7. I'd like to ask everyone to help out with the tear down. We need more help hauling the percussion downstairs in addition to stacking and racking of the chairs and stands. And we can always use more help on the set us we bring up the percussion and set up the stage. We start anytime between 6 and 6:30.

Tuesday night looks like this:

Russian 166 to end, then back to beginning


break - set up for Kwanzaa


8th Candle

3 Carols

others if time 

Stop me if you've heard this one, "2 penguins walk into a band rehearsal, ..."

Thanks to all who made it to the Halloween rehearsal. We had 40 members which led to a good reading session for the Holidays concert. Kudos to those who wore costumes and brought treats.


We are unable to rehearse this coming Tuesday due to the elections. Our next rehearsal is Nov 14 which gives us a total of 5 rehearsals before the Dec 19 concert. As per usual, make every effort to be at every rehearsal, and on time. Tell your section leaders in advance if you need to be gone (or late).


In the meantime, please take a minute to work on your music and listen to these recordings for the Holidays concert - and think of other ways we can make this concert special for our audience.



Mayflower Overture




12 days/Silver Bells









8th Candle




Sleigh Ride




3 English Carols

Russian Christmas Music (Eastern Orthodox)




Auld Lang Syne





Congratulations to all on an amazing concert. Fantastic that you could give a top notch performance on some difficult music in such a short amount of time. I think it's going to be a good year! The audience, as usual, was very warm and very appreciative. Several mentioned afterward that it was the best the CICB had ever sounded. That's kudos to all of you.


-Sara W for your terrific solo work

-incidental solo work by Catherine, Jeanette, Jason, Colleen, Kristy

-Megan for the program and poster

-Emily, Sam & Laura for emcee-ing

-The clarinets for having a peak performance

-Percussion for pulling off Incantation and Dance

-Everyone that brought audience members


We ARE having rehearsal this coming Tuesday, BUT it is Halloween. Do not even think about coming to rehearsal if you have plans to be with your kids for Halloween. No other excuse to miss is needed. Have fun! And if you want to come for the last part of rehearsal, please join us.

If you can make rehearsal this Tuesday, we are going to enjoy reading music for our upcoming Holidays concert. But I encourage you to have even more fun by coming in costume and bringing treats for your section!

The rehearsal after that is election night, but the board is checking on if it is possible for us to have a short rehearsal after polls close, 8p-9. More info to come. After that there will only be 4 rehearsals and a dress left before the Dec 19 concert. 

Concert time

I'm looking forward to our 36th season opener this Tuesday! The dress rehearsal was a little rough, but that usually means a good performance. Most of our challenge was practicing in a different space. Some of you pointed out after rehearsal the bomb shelter sign that was on the wall right in front of you! 

Prepare for the concert by listening to the links provided on the "as promised" post from Oct 10 - especially Incantation and the Suite - and practice as time permits. The warm up will begin promptly at 6:30 on Tuesday. Please come early to prepare, warm up and tune before we start. During the concert the challenge is to watch, listen and be ready to recover quickly as needed. The concert order will be:








Dress Rehearsal


I hope you had some time to enjoy the recordings of our concert. I'm looking forward to seeing you this Tuesday night for our last rehearsal to prepare these chestnuts. We will start with some time with Incantation then go thru all the music in score order. After each piece we will take time to fix things as necessary and by request. Please be early to set up and prepare - downbeat is 7.

Incantation and Dance


Suite Francaise

Feierlicher Einzug

Old Grumbly Bear



Incantation again if time


36th Season Opener

Great progress was made last week. I hope you have enjoyed preparing these chestnuts as much as I have. Just two rehearsals left before the Oct 24 season opener. Let me know if you are interested in introducing a piece at the concert. I will help prepare the notes if wanted.

Tuesday looks like this:

Moorside - play thru



Strauss - all


Incantation - more detail work

Suite mvt 4 (review 3 & 5 if time)

Grumbly if time

Welcome Fall

Thanks for a great job again last week. I didn't feel I was on my game, probably putting too much pressure on myself. Tomorrow we will concentrate on enjoying the preparation of some great music. And we will appoint someone to keep us updated on the big Twins game! We're still looking for some members to announce tunes at the 10/24 concert. Let me know.

Let's set up Tuesday like this:




Hello Dolly



Last week I sent some concert dates, but there have been some changes to put on your calendar:






Light Balance


Good rehearsal on Tuesday as we dig deeper into these chestnuts.

We are in serious need of percussionists. I am working on two ringers to help out, but FOR SURE we will need 2 of our wind players to help out on Incantation and Dance. Let Margie know if you are interested. For the future, please recruit and percussionists you know to join us for the rest of the season.

Thank you for your understanding as we tackle the lighting challenge. Let's be creative and do our best with this opportunity.

I am looking for up to 6 band members to introduce the pieces at our season opener on Oct 24. Just a short intro of the piece. I will help with content as you wish. Let me know if you are interested. 

The concert dates for the 2017-18 season are:

October 24 SEASON OPENER - "Chestnuts: gems of the band repertoire"



May 6 POPS CONCERT - ... and the winner is..."

May 7 Joint Concert with Rosemount Community Band

Summer Series tba



Suite #2 + 3






Lakes Band XXXVI


Thanks for your good work this past Tuesday. Unreal how good you are sounding. Tone and Intonation continue to improve and the attendance has been good. I'm looking forward to this Tuesday night and our season opener on Oct 24. The theme is CHESTNUTS, gems of the wind band repertoire. 

Thank you for your understanding of the Jefferson lighting situation. I appreciate your willingness to accept the challenge. Remember to bring stand/reading lights. Even the miner style ones you wear on a headband! And feel free to bring an old lamp or whatever you can think of to help you see your music and light up our space.

Another ask: we need percussion! We have 3 core members at this point. We need 5 for this concert cycle plus another two ringers to pull off Incantation. If you know of someone, direct them to our website and let membership chair Shawn and section leader Margie know. (Margie will probably bake you a batch of her famous brownies!). If we are unable to find help, consider volunteering to play a percussion instrument on one of our pieces.

See you this Tuesday. Please come early to help set up, warm up, tune and prepare for a successful concert. Let your section leader know if you are going to be absent/late. Rehearsal etiquette reminder: our of respect for your teammates, no cel phone usage other than for a tuner and keep talking to a minimum. Thanks for your cooperation.








Thank you all for a terrific summer and a wonderful 16-17 season. I look forward to making music again with you this upcoming season starting with our kick off rehearsal on Tuesday. Sept 5. We have some great music waiting for us for 17-18! If for any reason you can't be with us this year or will have to miss a concert cycle, please let your section leader, Shawn and/or I know about it. 

Have a good rest of your summer,


35th Grande Finale

WHO The 35th edition of the CICB

WHAT Grand Finale Concert

WHEN Sunday, July 30 7:00 (call at 6:30)

WHERE Centennial Lakes Park 7499 France Ave South Edinal

WHY Celebrate a terrific season

OTHER Bring a chair and stand to this one. Weather looks absolutely perfect. Come early as parking can be a bit of a hike. I found a water bottle and a couple stands after the last concert - I will bring. 



I can't believe we are already approaching the end of a fun summer season. You have performed so well. I hope you are having as much fun as I am with this concert. We have one of our favorites at Salo Park in St Anthony this Thursday (annually big and appreciative crowds) and a return performance at one of the premiere summer sites Centennial Park in Edina. Will be a good way to end the season. Please let your section leader, and or Shawn or I know if you cannot attend so we can find possible subs. The 7 subs on Saturday really helped us out. We had 33 of our 77 members show on Saturday as the Calhoun Isles Wind Ensemble! Not a quorum albeit a good performance.


-to those who played in the heat and humidity on Saturday

-to the flutes, low woodwinds and percussion for 100% attendance at Hopkins 

-to those who played in the cool and non-acoustical setting on Thursday

-to those who made both performances!

-to those who have, and will attend all performances this summer!!

(please note: Kudos are not redeemable for prizes)

The line up for our last 2 concerts will be our full regular program. Let's make them the best. See you Thursday!