Concert time

I'm looking forward to our 36th season opener this Tuesday! The dress rehearsal was a little rough, but that usually means a good performance. Most of our challenge was practicing in a different space. Some of you pointed out after rehearsal the bomb shelter sign that was on the wall right in front of you! 

Prepare for the concert by listening to the links provided on the "as promised" post from Oct 10 - especially Incantation and the Suite - and practice as time permits. The warm up will begin promptly at 6:30 on Tuesday. Please come early to prepare, warm up and tune before we start. During the concert the challenge is to watch, listen and be ready to recover quickly as needed. The concert order will be:








Dress Rehearsal


I hope you had some time to enjoy the recordings of our concert. I'm looking forward to seeing you this Tuesday night for our last rehearsal to prepare these chestnuts. We will start with some time with Incantation then go thru all the music in score order. After each piece we will take time to fix things as necessary and by request. Please be early to set up and prepare - downbeat is 7.

Incantation and Dance


Suite Francaise

Feierlicher Einzug

Old Grumbly Bear



Incantation again if time


36th Season Opener

Great progress was made last week. I hope you have enjoyed preparing these chestnuts as much as I have. Just two rehearsals left before the Oct 24 season opener. Let me know if you are interested in introducing a piece at the concert. I will help prepare the notes if wanted.

Tuesday looks like this:

Moorside - play thru



Strauss - all


Incantation - more detail work

Suite mvt 4 (review 3 & 5 if time)

Grumbly if time

Welcome Fall

Thanks for a great job again last week. I didn't feel I was on my game, probably putting too much pressure on myself. Tomorrow we will concentrate on enjoying the preparation of some great music. And we will appoint someone to keep us updated on the big Twins game! We're still looking for some members to announce tunes at the 10/24 concert. Let me know.

Let's set up Tuesday like this:




Hello Dolly



Last week I sent some concert dates, but there have been some changes to put on your calendar:






Light Balance


Good rehearsal on Tuesday as we dig deeper into these chestnuts.

We are in serious need of percussionists. I am working on two ringers to help out, but FOR SURE we will need 2 of our wind players to help out on Incantation and Dance. Let Margie know if you are interested. For the future, please recruit and percussionists you know to join us for the rest of the season.

Thank you for your understanding as we tackle the lighting challenge. Let's be creative and do our best with this opportunity.

I am looking for up to 6 band members to introduce the pieces at our season opener on Oct 24. Just a short intro of the piece. I will help with content as you wish. Let me know if you are interested. 

The concert dates for the 2017-18 season are:

October 24 SEASON OPENER - "Chestnuts: gems of the band repertoire"



May 6 POPS CONCERT - ... and the winner is..."

May 7 Joint Concert with Rosemount Community Band

Summer Series tba



Suite #2 + 3






Lakes Band XXXVI


Thanks for your good work this past Tuesday. Unreal how good you are sounding. Tone and Intonation continue to improve and the attendance has been good. I'm looking forward to this Tuesday night and our season opener on Oct 24. The theme is CHESTNUTS, gems of the wind band repertoire. 

Thank you for your understanding of the Jefferson lighting situation. I appreciate your willingness to accept the challenge. Remember to bring stand/reading lights. Even the miner style ones you wear on a headband! And feel free to bring an old lamp or whatever you can think of to help you see your music and light up our space.

Another ask: we need percussion! We have 3 core members at this point. We need 5 for this concert cycle plus another two ringers to pull off Incantation. If you know of someone, direct them to our website and let membership chair Shawn and section leader Margie know. (Margie will probably bake you a batch of her famous brownies!). If we are unable to find help, consider volunteering to play a percussion instrument on one of our pieces.

See you this Tuesday. Please come early to help set up, warm up, tune and prepare for a successful concert. Let your section leader know if you are going to be absent/late. Rehearsal etiquette reminder: our of respect for your teammates, no cel phone usage other than for a tuner and keep talking to a minimum. Thanks for your cooperation.








Thank you all for a terrific summer and a wonderful 16-17 season. I look forward to making music again with you this upcoming season starting with our kick off rehearsal on Tuesday. Sept 5. We have some great music waiting for us for 17-18! If for any reason you can't be with us this year or will have to miss a concert cycle, please let your section leader, Shawn and/or I know about it. 

Have a good rest of your summer,


35th Grande Finale

WHO The 35th edition of the CICB

WHAT Grand Finale Concert

WHEN Sunday, July 30 7:00 (call at 6:30)

WHERE Centennial Lakes Park 7499 France Ave South Edinal

WHY Celebrate a terrific season

OTHER Bring a chair and stand to this one. Weather looks absolutely perfect. Come early as parking can be a bit of a hike. I found a water bottle and a couple stands after the last concert - I will bring. 



I can't believe we are already approaching the end of a fun summer season. You have performed so well. I hope you are having as much fun as I am with this concert. We have one of our favorites at Salo Park in St Anthony this Thursday (annually big and appreciative crowds) and a return performance at one of the premiere summer sites Centennial Park in Edina. Will be a good way to end the season. Please let your section leader, and or Shawn or I know if you cannot attend so we can find possible subs. The 7 subs on Saturday really helped us out. We had 33 of our 77 members show on Saturday as the Calhoun Isles Wind Ensemble! Not a quorum albeit a good performance.


-to those who played in the heat and humidity on Saturday

-to the flutes, low woodwinds and percussion for 100% attendance at Hopkins 

-to those who played in the cool and non-acoustical setting on Thursday

-to those who made both performances!

-to those who have, and will attend all performances this summer!!

(please note: Kudos are not redeemable for prizes)

The line up for our last 2 concerts will be our full regular program. Let's make them the best. See you Thursday!


3 in 8


Fantastic concert at Lake Harriet! The band is playing so well. Thank you to all with special kudos to those who are helping out with the loading and set up/tear down work. Love the sense of community. 

We are coming up on a fun week - 3 concerts within 8 days! First up is Bryant Sq which is literally in our backyard! And bonus it's a Mpls park. Nice intimate setting for a loyal audience. Then on to Hopkins where 4 other community bands will also be performing throughout the day. Play to take in this special event. Traditionally this is on the hottest day of the summer. Siri is guessing 88. Then on to one of our favs - Salo Park in St Anthony. They absolutely love us there and they have a beautiful setting.  

We have struggled a bit in the past with coverage at Bryant Sq and Hopkins. Please make every effort to be at these important performances - but if you can't attend, please let your section leader know asap so they can plan accordingly.

Both Bryant Sq and Salo Park will be the regular set, but we will need to play a shortened set at Hopkins due to their schedule. Here's the program for Hopkins:

Minnesota March


War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings

Lis Escoubo

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota


Into the Clouds

Foshay Tower March


Skol Vikings - if time

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat - if time

NO Encore, there will be much less podium talk - be ready to go quickly from one to the next


On deck... Harriet


I really appreciated the opportunity to speak with you at our last meeting. I learned a lot. It's good for us to touch base like this once in awhile, but I promise - never for that long again! I did get some great feed back afterwards too. One issue that I should have addressed, "How was the membership of the Polka Band determined?" It's awesome so many of you want to play with the polka band. For years we have featured either the Dixie Band or Calico Jazz. With neither group able to perform this summer, the intent was to combine the available members of both groups and do some polkas for this summer's concerts. We did end up adding a few players to beef up the bottom.

The concert order will be the same this Tuesday. What a fun and fantastic performance at Como! They loved you. I can't wait to hear it again! For some reason I am especially looking forward to the War March and Battle Hymn. So fun. Here's the timeline:

Tuesday, June 27, Lake Harriet Pavilion 

6:00 report time for percussion and assigned trailer crew (each section was assigned a date at the last rehearsal.

6:45 CALL TIME for all. This allows time for a good warm up, thorough tuning and to rehearse several pieces.

7:30 Downbeat - invite your friends - this is one of the season favs. Weather is suppose to be sunny and warm. Bring water, sunglasses, et al

8:40 fine' and tear down. Please help tear down and load before greeting the fans.

Afterglow tba

Let me know of any questions or concerns.




Let's take this show on the road!

I'm impressed how quickly and how well  you got the summer concert put together. Thanks for your work. I think the Como concert on Sunday will be terrific. 

Margie is in need of percussion help on a couple charts: for War March we need a gong player, and on Into the Clouds we need a triangle and suss cym player. If you are interested, and are in a section that can can by without you, please contact our percussion section leader, Margie. Thank you for considering this.

A couple reminders from last night: ATTENDANCE Let your section leader know if you are ever going to be absent or late. No surprises on concert night. Please make every effort to be at all of our events and to be on time. The few times we have fielded half a band have yielded less than desirable results. The sooner we know of absences, the more likely we can find a sub. DRESS cobalt blue polo on the top, black on the bottom. Bring sunglasses and something to hold your music in place. For most of our events you will need a chair (no lawn chairs please!) and a music stand. Have them in your car so you are ready for anything. A bottle of water is also a good call. CALL TIME is when the warm up starts. Plan on coming early to find parking, haul your gear, help the percussion, set up, warm up and tune on your own. It makes the performance so much more enjoyable than rushing in unprepared. HAVE FUN at the concerts. This starts with inviting your friends and family to our events. I hope you enjoy performing these special events, the more you enjoy it, the more the audience will respond. When the polka band plays, get into it! Hoot along, clap, sing on the Beer Barrel Polka, grab a partner and dance along! And be ready for anything! A good time will be had by all. POST CONCERT please help the percussion tear down and load the trailer. If everyone would make an effort to do this just for once concert this summer we would be good. Then be sure you attend the post concert get together as announced by your board.

Here is the full program order (note the encore)

Minnesota March no repeats, remember the ‘Rah Rah Ski U Mah’ before you sing


War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings

Lis Escoubo (last mvt of Suite Provencale) In '2'

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota

St Anthony Chorale ww & horns


Into the Clouds

Charlie Brown in '4'0

Foshay Tower March

Polka Band – 2 tunes


Escapade for Trombones – trombones stand

Skol Vikings

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat

Encore: MN March – pick up to K to the end (last 48 meas w/ no repeat, it’s the last strain – or last trio – I will give you ‘1-2-1’ then come in on the pick up)

Let me know if you have any questions or if there is anything I can do for you. Sunday is Funday!


Big Week

Hope you are having a good Holiday weekend. Good job last week everyone. Thanks for being flexible with the rehearsal set up. In the end, we got a lot done. We have one more rehearsal (Tuesday) before we debut our summer program (Sunday). At this time it looks like we will be downstairs in the caf for the rest of the year. Both the rehearsal and the summer program will be in this order. It should be fun.

Reflections on the City of Lakes

Minnesota March (Sousa)

Arikara (Marshall)

War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings (Reed)

Lis Escoubo (French)

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota (Lake)

St Anthony Chorale

Into the Clouds (Saucedo)

Charlie Brown

Foshay Tower March (Sousa)

Polka Band (need some dancers!)

Hallelujah (Cohen)

Escapade for Trombones (Bencriscutto)

Skol Vikings

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat (Hairspray)


Reflections on the City of Lakes

I really enjoyed sight reading with you on Tuesday night. Something very appealing about making music together at sight. You all did terrific work. I think the cafeteria works well as our make shift band room - but with all the right angles and hard surfaces combined with the low ceiling, it is found. We all need to bring it down a notch when we practice down there and bell front instruments please play bells down (I can't believe I'm actually saying that!). It will also help if we spread the rows out a bit. I encourage you to bring ear plugs.

After discussing it with Lori, I decided to go with a $100 gift card to Nordstrom's to thank Kylie for helping us with the Pops. I will send this to her first thing in the morning so it doesn't become too distant of a memory. So far I have one person putting a 10 spot in the pot. If you'd like to help support this, please bring $1-$10 to rehearsal this Tuesday. If we don't get enough we are happy to pay the rest. If we get over, we will give the extra to the board to start a Sunshine/Flower/Social Fund (or whatever you want to call it) for situations like this. Thank you for your help with this.

As announced, the theme to our Summer Series of concerts is, "Reflections on the City of Lakes". Our musical, chronological salute to the city we represent. The order to the concert and to our rehearsal on Tuesday is below - note a few changes

Minnesota March (no repeats)


War March & Battle Hymn of the Vikings

Lis Escoubo mvt 4 of Suite Provencale

Mosquitos Lay Eggs in Minnesota

St Anthony Chorale (ww and horns only)

Into the Clouds

Charlie Brown

Foshay Tower March

(polka band will play 2 selections here)


Escapade for Trombones

Prince in Concert

You Can't Stop the Beat 

 If they demand an encore we will play MN March K to the end, no repeat

This Tuesday I would like to try the addition to singing on Minn March at G - here are the words:

Rah! Rah! Ski-U-Mah. Rah! Rah! Rah!
March on, March on to Victory.
Loyal Sons of Varsity.
Fight on, Fight on for Minnesota
For the glory of the Old Maroon and Gold.
March on, March on to win the game.
Down the field, fighting every play.
We're with you, team, Fighting team!
Hear our song, we cheer along
To help you win a victory.


Pops Perfection

Dear Friends,

Thank you for the wonderful concert you gave last Tuesday night! You created such great memories for the band and the audience. A very rewarding performance and the crowd was so appreciative. The pops concert is becoming a bit of a 'thing' which is cool. 

Kudos to:

-Margie for your typewriter soloing ability!

-the first clarinets for not giggling during the concert!

-Ari, Sarah and all of our soloists. Great job

-Mitch for your warm up, conducting and announcing

-the Jazz Band. I had a lot of great comments on your performance. Very fun. May couldn't believe you did that in just 3 rehearsals.

-The horns for playing us into and out of the commercial and for wearing really cool fireman hats for Fire!

-everyone on a very musical and fun performance - I look forward to your thoughts and comments on Tuesday

-and of course to our anchor, Kylie. She really enjoyed the experience. I will bring a thank you card on Tuesday for everyone who wants to sign.

It was fun to see all the smiles after the concert. I've seen such a quick and genuine reaction to a concert. And so many people really loved the Prince medley! Maybe we should hit the road!

I'm anxious to start working on music for our summer series. We only have 3 rehearsals before our first concert at Como - plus a couple more after to polish the entire program. NOTE: we will be rehearsing in the basement for the rest of the season due to the light issue in the auditorium. We will need some extra help setting up. 

See you Tuesday!


"and now, your local news!"

I am so excited for your Pops Concert this Tuesday. The band has see a lot of growth in the past years, but none more than this year. This may not be our most challenging concert, but it could well be our most musical. I know your family and friends will enjoy it. Let's make sure this is not just the concert we SAY we are going to have at least 5 audience members there for each CICB member, but this WILL be the concert that it actually happens. I know they are going to love it. What a great way to cap our 35th season as an ensemble.

Things to remember:

-Concert dress is all black. I would encourage you to wear your BEST black. It not only classes things up but it shows respect to what we are doing and our audience. Break out that dark suit. And guys in ties would be appreciated!

-bring a stand light - or two! be ready to share if someone forgets. Plan on there being no stage lights and feel free to bring a lamp or whatever you need to see and be seen.

-jazz band members - you will have to bring your own stand and if you have an extra - bring that too!

-take care of your self going into the concert, practice, prepare, eat right, be rested, and be on time - ready to make some music and memories.

-think ahead during the concert. have your music in order, and be ready to go quickly to the next piece. 

-have fun with the music, especially the Hooked on Reruns! Nanoo, Nanoo - Batman (Splat!) and more. Anything to draw the audience in. For Skol Vikings, bring your Helga Horns et al (or gear for 'your' team). Focus and relax on Early Light - this could be awesome.  Maybe throw on your Twins hat. IT'S TIME TO CELEBRATE YOUR HARD WORK THIS YEAR. You deserve a perfect concert. If you've never had that elusive perfect concert, this is the perfect time to notch one in your belt.

Here's the timeline:

6:00 Jazz Band set up and practice, CICB set up crew

6:20 call time for the entire band so you can set up, warm- up and tune.

6:30 full ensemble warm up, probably with Mitch

6:50 places

7:00 Downbeat

8:00 Fine', tear down, meet with fan and fans


Let me know if you have any questions or concerns, have a great concert and...

Go team!



Skol Vikes et al

'Dress' rehearsal is this Tuesday! Please plan on coming early to set up, warm up and tune. Group warm up and tune will start by 7. Jazz Band we will be rehearsing promptly at 6 in the pit. Please download and practice Cajun Cooking.

Some things for you to do this week:

-Advertise - sell it! This is going to be fun

-Think of fun ideas we can do to add some spark to the concert. I need some volunteers to make Batman type signs to hold up. Can you think of more ideas?

-Listen to Early Light and practice it

-Learn the lyrics to Skol Vikings!

Skol Vikings, let's win this game,
Skol Vikings, honor your name,
Go get that first down,
Then get a touchdown.
Rock 'em . . . Sock 'em
Fight! Fight! Fight! Fight!
Go Vikings, run up the score,
You'll hear us yell for more. . .
Skol, Vikings, let's go! 

-Get the summer dates on your calendar. I'm excited to share the summer program concept with you.

-Let me know if you have any questions

-Have a good weekend