Financial contributions support our mission to spread music in our community by helping us purchase music, instruments, and other items. If you would like to help us continue to share our music with the community, please consider making a donation.

The Calhoun-Isles Band is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and your charitable givings are tax-deductible.

Giving Levels

$1 - $25: Paddle Boat
$25 - $75: Sailboard
$75 - $200: Canoe
$200 - $500: Sailboat
$500 or more: Yacht

Donate with Paypal

Let us know what name you would like listed by clicking the "Add special instructions to the seller" link on the "review your donation" screen to let us know 

Donate by Mail

Donation Form

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We are so thankful to receive support from our friends, family and community members. This list recognizes those who have donated in the past year.


Yacht ($500+)

Jim and Cheryl Davis

Sailboat ($200 - $499)

Ann Buck
Dennis Dyce

Canoe ($75 - $199)

In Memory of Matthew Bauer
Dorothy Bjork and Hans Koenig
Mary Bjork
Catherine Courtney
Mitch Evett's Parents
Paul & Pam Haugen
Jim & Erika de Lambert
Emily Miller's Parents
Marianne Rother & Richard Stein
Dana and Jon Schroeder
Danny and Lai Mei Ying

Sailboard ($25 - $74)

Chris and Tiffany Brand
Neal and MarJean Buck
Julie Cohen
Linda M. Haugen
Lydia Haugen
Hilary's Parents
Burke and Amy Hinds
Judy Kaner
Ryan Kroening
Carolyn Leininger
Jeanette K. McCormick
Leslie Modrack
Jeanette Nelson
Jerry and Rae Niemann
Carol Nimlos
Ardis Niemann Noonan
Becky and Andrew Owen
M. Carolyn Robinson
Shelley and C. Michael Robshaw
M.E.G. Roy
Jim & Kay Russell
Clementine Scott
Patricia Sinkfield
Bruce Taylor

Paddle Boat ($1 - $24)

Sara Rose Battles
Ella & Madeline Bjork
Lorraine Blake
Brian Foster
KC Harrison
Elisabeth Hunt
Roger Huss
Marion & Sue Kassner
Karen Kingsley
Becky Saltzman
Nick and Diane Schommer
Lowell Schow
Yesuneh Tekola
Alfonso Wenker